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한국디자인사학회 Design History Society of Korea 04066 94, Wawasan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul Hongik University Hongmun Hall 1203
    Submission Management System Guide
  • Thesis submission is conducted on the dedicated page for the submission management system (DBpia ONE).
  • Click the'Go to thesis submission and review' link button to go to the login screen.
  • Proceed as a member to use the submission system.
    • Please refer to the'Submission Management System User Manual' on the right side of the login page.
    • If you forgot your member information, you can search using the ID/Password search function.
  • After logging in, click the'Contributor' button in the role selection field, and then click Publication_Academic Journal_[Extra Archive] Journal for Design History.
  • Submission of thesis goes through a total of 5 steps.
    • Consent (Research ethics pledge, copyright transfer agreement, and signatures including thesis contributor and co-author)
    • Author registration (input contributor, first author, corresponding author, co-author, etc.)
    • Input submission information (thesis title, abstract, keyword, etc.)
    • File upload (Original text file, original text file for examination, and original chart data uploaded)
    • Submission of thesis (final check of the written content from steps 1 to 4_It is difficult to modify the content once submitted. When requesting a modification, please contact
  • Thesis submission and review status can be checked in the submission management system.
    • Papers in Submission: Provides the number and list of papers being submitted
    • Submission Status: Status of thesis before submission and review, such as waiting for reception/reception completed/rejection of submission, etc.
    • Review Status: List of papers under review/under review
    • Waiting for revised thesis submission: Status of thesis requiring revised thesis submission based on the results of the review, such as reconsideration after revision, publication after revision
    • Waiting for final thesis: Status of thesis that has been confirmed to be published and requires submission of the final thesis
    • Completed thesis: A list of thesis that has been submitted, such as withdrawal of submission/complete review/final paper submission/final thesis registration, etc.
    • For the issuance of the certificate, please contact the secretariat of the Korean Society of Design History at