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한국디자인사학회 Design History Society of Korea 04066 94, Wawasan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul Hongik University Hongmun Hall 1203
Not Only But Also 67890 is the first exhibition to commemorate the foundation of the Korean Society of Design History, and is a project that collects Korean design activities centering on graphic design from 2016 to 2020.
〈Not Only But Also 67890〉 is a project that collects Korean design activities focusing on graphic design from 2016 to 2020. 〈Not Only But Also 67890〉 is a method that materializes this collection process, placing the Korean graphic design work we collected for the past 5 years in gallery 17717, an exhibition space, on the wall after minimal processing, and real-time streaming the process. I decided to do it. Rather than introducing individual works in detail, the purpose is to observe the collective flow of works selected by planners. It is hoped that this will provide a basis for understanding this period in the future. Participants of 〈Not Only But Also 67890〉 believe that the common time (2016-2020) they each experienced can be interpreted differently depending on their generation and age. (Participants are designers Park Jeong-mo (born in 1996), Jeong Mi-jeong (born in 1992), Jeong Sa-rok (born in 1989), Kim Ki-chang (born in 1985), Anmano (born in 1982), and Kim Hyeong-jae (born in 1979).) Though slightly different, I share the idea that in the past five years, subjects and activities of design that are markedly different from those before have been actively appearing and unfolding in Korea, and the outer boundaries of this flow are rapidly expanding. In addition, it is characteristic that the patterns of expansion are explosive and the detailed cycle of change is gradually shortening, so that individual records or experiences that need to be grasped to view the whole are likely to volatilize. The pandemic situation is one of many conditions for us and does not work as an absolute premise. However, the fact that we decided to broadcast on-line the process of installing the exhibition from December 29 to 31, 2020, and that the date the exhibition actually starts on January 1, 2021, is very related to the global pandemic situation. deep. We sincerely hope that January 1, 2021 will bear any faint trace of hope. The selection of works was conducted through discussion of the planning team. As stated in the planning article, the planning team has formed a basic consensus on the changes over the past five years, but since it recognizes clear differences among members, it is more dependent on each person's intuitive experiences and memories rather than a unified and conscious selection during the selection process. I respected the choice. However, mostly works that use visual and formal techniques that are relatively different from the flow before 2016, which was set as the reference point, are media-specific only at that time, or that the attitudes of the subject producing, distributing, and consuming designs are markedly different. Was chosen.